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We provide support, tools and expert knowledge to Scottish businesses to help them adopt new circular business practices by looking at their current business models differently.

Zero Waste Scotland

We exist to create a society where resources are valued and nothing is wasted.

Our mission is to influence and enable change – from gathering evidence and informing policy, to motivating practical behaviour change in individuals and organisations through our programmes and brands.

We also make direct interventions to effect change, commonly in the form of finance, business support, technical advice, training and competence development or communications support.

Our Circular Economy programme aims to increase the resource efficiency of Scottish SMEs, further develop and strengthen Scotland's circular economy, and support community-based organisations to build on existing local resources.


Creating your circular business plan

Take the complexity out of exploring the circular economy. These free downloadable worksheets can help you determine circular opportunities for your own business.

Work through them in order (spend roughly 20
minutes on each worksheet) and you’ll end up
with a strong starting point for conversations
with the Circular Economy Accelerator.

At its core, a circular economy means that products
no longer have a life cycle with a beginning, middle
and end. If a product is truly circular it might never
have an end to its life, but continually take new
forms and remain of value.

Support and funding

One to one, expert consultancy to help find new growth opportunities for small and medium sized businesses.

Our Circular Economy Business Support Service delivers tailored, expert, one-to-one consultancy directly to small and medium sized businesses across all sectors in Scotland.

It’s designed to help companies explore more circular ways of doing business that can result in resource efficiencies, improved profitability, higher quality products, increased customer base and alternative supply chains for your business.

The service is open to businesses and organisations across all sectors in Scotland seeking to develop and/or implement new business models, technologies, practices, products or services that can embed circular economy principles.

Circular community

Sharing and building on good practice in order to lead the transition towards a circular economy for Scotland.

Community is key to Scotland’s circular economy. Scotland is blazing a trail in our commitment to growing a circular economy – and Zero Waste Scotland is the lead organisation tasked with making it happen, supported by a collaborative network of stakeholders across sectors and industries and, most importantly, fully backed by the Scottish Government. Inclusive communities are the best breeding grounds for inventiveness and ingenuity – and this is exactly the environment we need to create in Scotland to fuel a circular economy.

Circular network

The circular economy makes good business sense. Here are some inspiring stories from Scottish businesses that are already making the change.

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Design thinking

Introducing circular thinking at the initial design stage opens up all kinds of opportunities throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Around 80% of a product’s environmental impact is dictated by its initial design.

That is why we are working with The Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce (RSA) with the aim of embedding circular economy thinking with designers and other product experts.

Choices made at the design stage also determine what materials are used and how easily they can be repaired or recycled. A core principle of the circular economy is about ensuring that waste is ‘designed out’ of how we live.

Ready to embrace the benefits of a circular approach to your business?

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